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Vertical Farming

What is Vertical Farming?

Megan Ray Nichol

Bear Vertical farming is a type of urban agriculture, but vertical farms are often constructed indoors in extremely controlled environments. Crops are grown on shelves that extend upward instead of outward, and the environment is carefully monitored, so crops grow year-round. In addition to growing crops, some vertical farmers have developed ways to grow fish in a self-sustaining system. Water from the plants is recycled into fish tanks, and the waste from the fish becomes fertilizer for the plants. Then, both the plants and fish can be harvested for food.

With land for crops and pastures growing scarce plus the threat of pesticides and herbicides taking a toll on our health and the environment. People are exploring new ways to grow food, such as urban agriculture. In general, this is the process of growing food within city limits whether on rooftops, in backyards or on balconies. The goal is to provide families with fresh, healthy food that isn’t laced with chemicals and when you grow your own crops, you can control these elements.


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