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Green Technology

What Is Green Technology?

Mary Bellis & Ashyl Dasy

BearGreen technology is now becoming quite popular and also known as environmental technology or clean technology. It appeared just over the last two decades. Green technology means this type of technology which is environmentally friendly. It was developed and being used in a way which does not disturb the environment and does not destroy natural resources. The main purpose of green technology is to slow down global warming and reduce the greenhouse effect. The main idea is the creation of new technologies which do not damage the natural resources. This should result into less harm to people, species and the general health of our planet. Since the invention of the steam engine kicked off the Industrial Revolution, our planet has suffered rapid changes in climate that include increasingly severe droughts, increased depletion of groundwater reserves, seawater acidification, rising seawater levels, the rapid spread of diseases and macro parasites, and the extinction of species. Unless we intervene, these changes may prove irreversible. Plastic pollutants are another nonsustainable resource that's destroying the ocean habitats of sea creatures around the world—killing off fish, birds, and countless other species. Larger pieces pose choking and strangulation hazards, while the tiny particles of disintegrating plastic are making their way into the bottom of the food chain. Green technology offers us the best hope to counteract the effects of climate change and pollution. This is because the world has a fixed amount of natural resources, some of which have already been depleted or ruined. For example, household batteries and electronics often contain dangerous chemicals that pollute soil and groundwater with chemicals that cannot be removed from our drinking water supply and wind up in food crops and livestock grown on contaminated soil. The health risks alone are staggering. Green technology has become one of the fastest growing sectors of employment. And because it has become essential to protect our planet, green technology is surely much more than a trend which will pass soon.


Green Technology